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Hi Ladies,
I was diagnosed with PPD 5 days after giving birth by C section. I had the weepiness, anxiety, and general depressive symptoms. I used to sob when I had to pump breastmilk for my daughter. I reached out to a woman's health concern in my area prior to giving birth as I had depression a few years back and pretty much had most of the risk factors - no family to help, history of depression, fertility problems,etc. There are PPD support groups out there. Your local health department should be able to give you that information. I'm also taking antidepressants as well. Luckily in my case the PPD didn't prevent any bonding issues with my daughter. You know in your gut if things don't feel right. I read that 20% of women have PPD and the number maybe as high as 80% but many women suffer in silence. It's not socially acceptable to say hey having a baby is harder than I thought and it's not always a wonderful experience. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow postpartum and I am still on meds and in treatment. As for the meds I'm taking Wellbutrin and Effexor and gave up on breastfeeding.I refused to have any meds go into my daughter. I know some people think it's horrible I quit breastfeeding but for me my daughter needs a mother who is mentally healthy not breastmilk. Just remember you aren't alone in this. The fact that you talk about it is the first step to healing yourself. Women can get PPD anytime during the first year.Take care.