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Re: Newly Diagnosed and have some questions

Well, now, I'm 63. I also have osteoporosis. My 2003 lumbar T-score was -3.2 and my 2003 hip T-score was -2.8. It "ain't" good, but it also "ain't" the end of the world. I haven't let those T-scores slow me down or interfere w/my lifestyle to any degree. I still ride horses (I don't do a lot of trotting or cantering) as a for instance. Look, with osteoporosis you have to use some common sense but quite frankly your doctor has given you a very unnecessary scare. It is important that you remain active. Weight bearing exercise is very important and good for osteoporosis. The worst thing you can do is shut down and be afraid to do anything for fear of falling, etc. Just use some common sense; wear comfortable safe shoes, get out there and live your life.