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Hey! How funny, I just checked out the book "the acne cure" at the library about a half an hour ago, and I came home and searched the internet for any reviews from people, and I found your message! Maybe we could try it together. I agree, there is no hype and it sounds very legit- I especially like the ice-cube method.

My only concern is skin dryness. I tried proactive, which was benzoyl peroxide cleanser, glycolic acid toner, and benzoyl peroxide leave-on cream, and it dried my face out so bad I didn't want to leave the house. But I am thinking because the benzoyl peroxide sits for a few minutes and is then wiped off, and perhaps I could rinse it off to avoid a sensitive-skin reaction, it wouldn't be much of a problem. I am really excited, I hope it works. Right now I am on Leo Kilsen's e-book "acne miracle" which includes mostly nutritional supplements, I take flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, probiotics, lecithin, selenium, zinc, and a few others.. I also use a non-soap cleanser and apply water to my face after I cleanse that has had a coral calcium tea bag in it, which my sister used and it cleared her up. After I started applying the coral calcium in conjunction to my supplements, my acne has been reduced a lot, but no where near cured. I don't break out in the big red, above skin sort only occasionally, I just get a few tiny whiteheads every now and then, and it's weird because all of my acne is even with the surface of my skin, it isn't raised as bumps.. I thought for a while maybe it was rosacea but I checked into it and it isn't... perhaps it is "pre-emerged" acne?
Anyways! Wow I typed alot. I think I'm going to go get these products in the next couple of days and then start. Sounds interesting, but also kind of harsh. I read one review online of a lady saying it made her skin incredibly dry and red... but that's the only one I found.
Good luck with your experiment, I will try it with you I think, perhaps.