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Hey Oink!
i bought Leo's e-book several years ago, and i do really like that he advocates a healthy lifestyle, etc. However, it costs a few hundred dollars to get all the supplements he advocates taking, and i'm a firm believer that the best source of anything is the food. i think there's no harm in taking EFA's and all, but i'd be wary of taking everything he recommends. i do think it's better to simply eat whole foods, exercise, and supplement only what's necessary. i actually broke out badly for a couple weeks trying to follow his body went into revolt or something at being introduced to all those new things; it was too much, and too expensive.

Anyway, the Acne Cure book, as far as redness and things go- i have yet to get my glycolic acid product b/c i don't like the things in the drugstores. i'm going to hold out and order a Reviva Labs product, b/c they're pretty natural, and inexpensive too. As for the BP, i'm using Neutrogena On the Spot which is a 2.5% BP cream and is far less irritating i've found than other BP creams. i think if you're careful, and alternate glycolic acid days if need be, the redness and all shouldn't be a problem. i think a lot of people discover a method and follow it too close to the letter, and don't listen to their skin when it's shouting for them to back off a bit. i've been guilty of the same thing.

I will say that i'm on the third day of using the Acne Cure method without the glycolic acid, and while not too much is clearing up, *nothing new* is forming, which is great.

Feel free to post your updates here!