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Re: blood clot in leg?

Originally Posted by noaone
hi, im a 25 year old male, and lately i have had a feeling of tenderness in my left calf muscle. i have an office job, so i sit most of the day.

it started last tuesday, and i freaked out and went to the ER on Thursday. the doc did blood tests. he told me that the first signs of a clot are swelling and discoloration. there is one little spot that looks kind of bruised, and no swelling. he told me not to really worry about it.

it still comes off and on, feels better when i get up and walk. anyone know if i should worry about it? advice would be much appreciated
I had a clot deep in the artery in my calf and I had no swelling whatsoever. You can get superficial clots and these will produce swelling and redness. The pain from a deep arterial clot is absolutely unbearable! The pain is 1000 times more than mild tenderness.