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Re: Why do so many people choose to go to a midwife?

I go to a military hospital and I see a midwife. I was told that during a first pregnancy and no past complications midwifes can be great because their appointments are scheduled to spend more time answering your questions, etc. I chose to go this route for that reason and also because I was prior military and the midwifes are civilians and the doctors and other staff are military members, which I rather avoid. We actually deliver in a hospital, like most people normally do, not at home or in a tub, or anything like that Actually when I go to the hospital a doctor will deliver because the midwifes are not usually on staff there. The midwifes are also in the same buildings as the doctors. For me and my experience there is basically no difference except the fact that my midwife speaks to my husband and I more personally and spends more time asking and answering our questions. This is just one perspective on midwifes. Some other women may actually give birth at home or go to a separtate clinic that is not at a hospital. I am from Iowa and not many people use midwifes or have at home births, so I understand where you are coming from.