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Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian

First I willl tell you about what I went threw for the past year.
Last year I was suffering from gas pains(to me it was trapped gas)
Ohh man it hurt so bad.especiallly my time of month,and it would hurt more.
Of course I would blame it on the C-Section(I had 2 C-sections with my 2 gorgeous young children)I never ever had trapped gas until the c-sections happened.Then after the c-sections I always had bad gas pains.Ok plus I always loooked bloated.My mother would always telll me to go see a dr to see why my stomach looks bloated.But that whole year I did not,only becuase I was reallly overweight.I was embarrased he would telll me to lose weight first,then we willl see why you are bloated.
Welll this summer(ok in March I got offf the pill)then ever since I got off the pilll I noticed that my monthly friend was so painfull and (worse then when I was on the pill)that's one reason why I would stay on pill(I find I do not have monthly pains being on the pilll)now that I'm offf pilll I have really bad pains(or does that mean it's your ovaries acting up.I swear since March I have had bad pains,gas pains where I can not even walk.
Sorry this is long.Just want you alll to know a bit about me.
Anyways in June I alll of a sudden started losing weight.Really strange.I would eat but not piggg out(yes I'm the type that loves her food and eat alll day)so in June I weighed 170 pounds(tooo heavy for a girl that's only 5 foot 1)Then by Aug I weighed 145 pounds.I found I lost my appetite(I do not know how)but for some reason I just was not hungry.
Now I'm just maintaining the weight.So in Sept I finally went to my doctor and told him how I have had fevers(for the whole summer)but very very low fever.But for 1 or 2 months I knew that was really weird and strange.But I felt a smalll lump in my abdomen(very very small)small like an ovary.It was like moving every-where in my abdomen.To me it felt like I was pregnant(but I knew I was not)So the doctor felt it and he said prettty interesting.So he told me it could be 1 of 2 things.He said you neeed an ultrasound done(of course it would not show up on ultrasound)and he said you neeed pap test done.
A new doctor toook over.My awesome doctor is now gone,but he will be back this Mon to help the new lady doctor out.But she did pap test and she saw in the cervix a little cyst(which hurts like helll)she told me she willl leave it there.The pap test came out that I do not have cervical cancer(that's in our family)but ovarian cancer is nottt in our family.But I always used talc when I was younger.When I was in my 20's and going to the gym I always used soap (the ones that have a nice smelll)and talc powder.Then I always ended up with a yeast infection.Finally my doctor told me to not use any-thing there.I stopped now I do not have much yeast infections.
Ok the last time he saw me(end of Aug)the ovary was so small.
Now it is so big(where it stays in one place)I think it's around my spleen(it always seems to stay on my left side)You would not beleive alll the tests I am doing.Of course it comes out negative.My family nooo longer beleive some-things up with my body.My mother is now mad at me and tellling me to stop looking for things that are not there.This is so crazzy.I feeel it moving but yet noo one beleives me.So this Mon I will go to him.He willl see how much bigger it is.Lets just say I can not lay on my left side any-more.Plus when I lay down on my sides I feeel I am having a hard time breathing.Some-times I sleeep sitting up.But now I sleep on my stomach(I can not get comfortable like that)my eyes now loook so darn tired.I just want to get this darn thing out of me.Ok every-one that's it for now.But I know how you alll feeel when noo one believes you.I feeel like I just want to cry and scream.I feeel so alone.Take care every-one.I willl talk to you alll pretty soon.
Ohh even my husband thinks I'm lieing.He does not take me serious.Only becuase alll the doctors say nothing is wrong with me,so they alll think I'm faking about how I feeel and what I'm going through.THIS SUCKS.

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