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Re: Have pregnant fiance, no insurance :( ...advice?

Can you join the military? Your whole family will be covered basically for free except you may have to pay $11 a month for dental for your wife to be. I am not sure how old or young you are but there are great benefits included. I don't know much about insurance because I went into the military at 18 and I married my husband who is now retiring so we are covered after retirement with benefits.

Otherwise, there has to be some other alternative, I agre with Mommie-2-B about most unplanned pregnancies, adoption should be considered, but in your case it seems like you and your finace are serious and that may not ne an option? I hope you can find another job that will be able to support your growing family. Insurance is one of the most important things to have. You can never have enough insurance. Good luck to you....