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Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian

Hi pams37,

Have you had an MRI or a laprascopy (I think that is what it is called)? Those seem to be the best tests for looking. I assume that you have had lots of vaginal ultrasounds, right? And physical exams by your gynocologist. Pap tests, biopsys, and what about an ultrasound on the outside of your lower abdomen? I would keep pressing the drs. or to make sure that they have done all of the above tests lately. I know that the MRI is expensive (I have not have it done, for that reason).

The gas worries me too. That and the low, low abdominal pain, especially on the far left and far right. That is why I just had a vaginal ultrasound. Of course, they could not see my ovaries, because of my bowels, which were full of gas! Plus I have a history of cysts in my ovaries. But they have gone way down. We will see what my dr. does next, come Monday.

Good Luck to you.