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Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian

Helllo guesss what.I had nothing done.Every-thing is so slowww.Plus the new doctor who took over for my doctor,she is usless.Does not care.She never felt the lump or bump in my abdomen.My doctor felt it.She says I'm alright and just to forget about it.I'm so unhappy with her.This Mon I go back to the doctor.She wont be there.I refuse to see her.She right now only works on week-ends so my doctor who's amazing willl be working the whole month of Nov.So the last time he felt my abdomen,was end of Aug.It was so small(like a cyst or I guess ovary)then he loooked worried and said I needed a pap test done(I do not know what that has to do with the cyst)would you know.But then the new lady came and she did a pap.She found in my cervix a small cyst.Which she said to leave it.I asked her if she willl get some-one or her take it out.She said nooo.But I know that cyst has beeen there for a very very long time.I thought if it does not go away on it's own then you neeed to investigate it.Plus it hurts where it is.But she does not care.Alll I know is if it's some-thing serious,ohh you can bet she willl be in so much trouble.My family do nto bleeive what I am going through.Only becuase she tellls me nothing is wrong with me.Then again she never felt my abdomen.So now it's Nov and what was such a smallll little lump is now big and painful and just stays now on my left side.I can not even sleep on my sides any-more.I feeel pressure when I lay on it.Like some-thing is on my organs.I telll ya,it feeels like you are pregnat.I want what ever is in me out of me.But she says nothing is wrong.So when I go seee my doctor I know he will think differently.I am scared though.Thanks and I willl let you all know what's going on with me.I hope now I will get some action.Pamela