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Re: LITTLE Breasts

Big Breasts mean diddly squat when it comes to breast feeding. I have two people that I know of - that were big to begin with (well not small) like a VERY full C or Small D and then grew SO VERY LARGE during pregnancy and could not breast feed. They didn't produce enough milk. You can have small breasts and the same thing happen!

North of 60 is right - its AFTER the birth to see if the milk comes in - and if your body produces enough.

I don't plan to breastfeed - I am only a B normally and I am around 25 weeks - I have grown a little (they are a little bigger now) I don't know how big cause I wear sports bras. I had SUCH sore breasts during the first trimester - they were terribly sore - but still havne't grown much... I am kinda glad. The belly is enough to haul around and I am only 25 weeks! I am carrying "small" looking too - like a watermellon (long up and down) not like a basketball and I am only 5'2" so I feel very full and my ribs kill me all the time!! Long uterus I guess...