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Re: Cervix is only thinning..2 days overdue

"My Cervix is still not opened that I know of since Monday and Im now 2 days overdue"
That is perfectly normal at this point. When your doctor does an internal exam right now, he is checking your dilation (how "open" your cervix is", your effacement (how thin/soft your cervix is) and your station (how far down the baby is). It's really kind of silly that they check any of these things since they don't tell us ANYTHING about when the baby is coming Some women walk around for weeks dialated to a 3 while other women are all closed up, not effaced at all with the baby high and then go in to labor that night.
I, too, would probably not be real comfortable with an induction at this point. It's typical that a first time mom is 2 weeks overdue. Unless there is something else going on with you health-wise (Pre-Eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes, etc.), I don't really know why your doc suggested an induction.