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For Lenin, Harry or any other statistics monger...


I am wondering if anyone can find hard numbers with specifics on the effects of high blood pressure? I have tried searching the net, but generally you get these vague statements such as "you are 50% more likely for...." But this really is deceptive. For instance, I know that smokers are 50% more likely to get lung cancer than non smokers. But since lung cancer in the non-smoking population is about 5%, that means that it is about 8% in the smoking population. But the general idea we are given is smoking=lung cancer.

So I wonder. I have known people with off the charts pressure who have lived to be quite old. Any bump of a guess on how high and how long one would have to let BP go before it took a toll? It's all so confusing. I also am a bit suspect of the continued lowering of the bar on what constitutes HBP. I'll bet Pfizer is happy though. ;-)

Regards, Brenden.

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