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Re: Next Medicine for Parkinsons?

Hi Gramahope,

Thanks for the reply and the information. I really appreciate your help!

I am glad that you said that at the end - about how you should not drink milk with your parkinsons meds. I bet that my dad drinks his with milk, at least 1/2 of the time! He has never had his meds upped. He has been on the same one and the same dose for 1 1/2 yrs. He is starting to get more tremors. Even he noticed it, and he has mid-level alzheimers! He says that his back hurts more too. Is that a symptom of parkinsons? He says that is his arthritis.

I guess next time we go to his neurologist, we should ask about more or upped dosage of what he is already taking! Maybe in mid December, or the first of Dec.?! He could probably do more, if he could walk better and move better.

Do you know if dizziness is a symptom of parkinsons? My father gets dizzy a lot and he also sleeps a whole lot! Of course either/both could be a symptom of alzheimers?!

Thanks for the info. I do need to research more, especially before we go back to his specialist!!!