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Re: For Lenin, Harry or any other statistics monger...


You will NOT find such numbers about hypertension on the net...only generalities based on further generalities. I know, I've looked.

I, unlike you, place GREAT weight on relative risk statistics and am always flummoxed when I hear someone confuses the issue with ABSOLUTE risk, especially when one is talking about heart disease and cancer, bothe HUGE killers.

That said, I STILL can't find convincing evidence that hypertension is a large element in congestive heart disease or in plaque formation. It seems that it is just ASSUMED like "exercise is good for you."
I have no problem in directly correllating blood pressure and hemorrhagic stroke, or death from preexisting heart failure, or amplification of kidney disease. But personally I think the correlation between modestly high blood pressure (say 140-160/90-95) and coronary blockage is simply not demonstrable.

My jury is out even on the possiblility that someone who has several clogged arteries is putting hijmself at further risk by artificially lowering his blood pressure. Hypertension may very well be a way the body forces collateral circulation.

If you see anything convincing either way, let me know.

Can you IMAGINE if they ever broke a story that said "lowering blood pressure may cause more cardiac deaths?" That would make the Vioxx story look like a kindergarten tea party!

YES, SMOKING = DEATH by lung cancer and emphysema.

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