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Please help...5 year old with major knee pains

Please, please, please...I need help. I have a five year old with knee pains. We've been to a sports medicine doctor, pediatricians, and now a rheumatologist with absolutely NO relief. We are now also dealing with hypertension (as high as 147/107 and today of 110/80) which they are associating with the knee pain. Noone seems too concerned but then again, they aren't the ones dealing with the thrashing and screaming several times a night for about 15 minutes per episode. His knee pains are always at night and first thing in the morning. He's stiff in the morning and it generally takes him about an hour and a half to loosen up. At night, he is in excruciating pain. When front come through whether it is rain or the cold, he is in agony. I've been giving tylenol and motrin 3 times a day. We've had the RF test done and it came back negative. His SED rate was 19 (where my Mother who does have arthritis but no symptoms was 3). His ANA was elevated but not overwhelmingly concerning. I just don't know what to do. They are now telling me that when the episode occur that I need to get him to the ER. Here's the problem...the closest pediatric hospital is 45 minutes away.

Does anyone have any suggestions and/or recommendations? I'm open to everything. They are trying to tell me it's growing pains; however, growing pains aren't affected by climate. He runs a fever every couple of days at night but since I haven't taken it by mouth (under the arm instead) the Rheumatologist said that he wasn't concerned. If I get it documented by an oral taking, then he'll be really concerned. I'm at the end of the rope. I cannot endure another night of knowing that I cannot help my son and relieve his pain. I have yet to ever be wrong that there is something wrong with my children. I don't take my children to the doctors for a runny nose or a fever. I only take them when I know they are sick with a sinus infection. I'm not a Mom that is going to sit by the sides and let them drag their feet and noone knows what is wrong.

Any assistance that anyone can give is greatly appreciated and I am extremely grateful.

Zack's Mom

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