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Re: AVF/AVF in Spine - does anyone here have this?

The day to visit the neurosurgeon is fast approaching. Friday is the day…This is just a consultation appointment where I bring my films, etc., but can anyone tell me what to expect this first appointment? Will any tests actually be done? I assume that I will need to have a spinal angiography; can anyone tell me what this involves? Feelbad – I know that you have gone through a similar experience, can you provide me with any insight? I just want to prepare myself. I am actually getting excited; probably not something you hear a lot from someone going to the doctor, but to me it is a culmination of a long road of searching for answers. I do hope that this will not disappoint me.

Thanks for your post, Feelbad. I like your description of the painsations – I promise to be nice! It’s a little different for me, though, as what I experience is more like muscle fatigue in my legs. When I’d fractured my spine, I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks, and when I finally was able to walk again I experienced muscle fatigue the second day I had my okay to walk. Of course, in this instance it was much more severe and actually caused me to collapse and lose consciousness for several minutes, but it is the same pain in my leg muscles. I still have the buzzing in my feet and ankles, but the worst is the cramping and the feeling that I may not be able to take another step; although so far I have always been able to take that step. (can I coin the term “crampsation?” ) The symptoms get worse when the back pain increases, and I notice that when my pain gets bad and I lean against a chair or a wall, it really feels like I’m leaning on something like a small balloon in my mid-back – I have a sensation that there is actually something there. Well, I hope to at least get some answers on Friday, and I am going to work on a list of questions that I would like to have answered while I am there. If you’re not prepared, they’ll give you a quickie!
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