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Re: How do I know how far along my adrenal insufficiency is?

Hi Solstice,

I have suspected I have Adrenal insufficiency for ages. Have lots of symptons but damn near impossible to get a doc to listen. I think medical practioners really only recognise adrenal crises or full blown addisons disease. I don't think they are too interested in adrenal fatigue as far as I can tell. However I have read as much as I can and find the best way to handle myself is to try and avoid stress as much as I can .. and when I have it .. to try and rest more. Try to get some gentle exercise and take all my supplements. I stay on an anti depressant as I feel less fatigued on it ... but still have a fair bit of fatigue. It is for anxiety also which drains the adrenal gland ... so I take it for that too.

I do have far too much sugar still and battle to control that ... sugar of course hypes us up and does not help the adrenal gland at all but adds to the problem .. caffeine too .. any stimulants in fact.

Also any poisons to ur system even such as artificial food colourants and flavourings will make the adrenal gland work harder. U really need to nurture it as best u can.

Quite frankly .. getting a doc to diagnose it can only result in cortisone ... because as far as I know that is all a doc can treat with ... and that is such a dangerous drug ... so really it's probably best to recognise u have a problem with ur adrenal as I have done ... and work on resting it ... u may find that if u look after it carefully it may repair itself, ur young still. Unfortunately for me ... my stress has gone on too long (I am now in my early 50's and have a damaged thyroid as well). I have thyroiditis which is an immune disorder .. so I don't see myself ever making a full recovery ... but I can help myself a lot with diet, rest and exercise. I cannot go out to work as the stress would just finish me off. Fortunately I can stay at home.

It would be nice for u if u can get a doc to work with u and give u some sort of diagnosis ... but as I said ... unless u have full blow addisons .. I think u will find yourself talking to fresh air ... Good luck anyway