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Re: How do I know how far along my adrenal insufficiency is?


Thanks for your reply! Although I have yet to approach a mainstream medical doctor with what I KNOW is adrenal insufficiency, I have heard many stories about how hard it is to get a doctor to understand. I used to have a big problem with Candida overgrowth, and now have it about 70% under control with diet, but I actually had a doctor laugh hysterically in my face and tell me that Candida overgrowth only exists in patients with HIV/AIDS. It's so frustrating when you know your own body and have a good idea where the problem lies and doctors you rely on to help you turn their backs. The only doctor that "believed" me was a naturopath, who I can unfortunately no longer afford to see. I tried Licorice Root for my adrenals, but I really didn't feel any results whatsoever. See, what I'm worried about is that my adrenals may already be too far "gone", despite my young age. I had IMMENSE stress and some trauma almost my entire life, and no matter how much I have changed my diet, rested, reduced stress, relaxed, quit smoking a couple of years ago, etc., I seem to be worsening with every passing day. It started off as very mild and has just progressed rapidly in the last year to where most days I'm worried that I might just actually have an adrenal crisis since I feel so sick. I have to admit, I haven't been very good with staying away from the sugars lately, but I absolutely do avoid caffeine and all stimulants. It seemed like my adrenal problems plummeted downhill when I got a Paragard Copper IUD placed in my uterus about 5 months ago. I have read that an IUD can stress the adrenals, but I don't really plan on getting it removed because it's pretty much the most effective form of birth control and I also cannot deal with the physical stress and pain of the removal at this time. I shutter thinking about it
I do realize that getting diagnosed pretty much results in getting a prescription for Cortisone, and I also realize this is a dangerous drug, but I might have no choice. I don't want to be on steroids, but others have said that a REPLACEMENT dosage, replacing what your body is missing is not as harmful as taking a high dose of steroids. I really hope this is true. Although I am totally against succumbing to the use of drugs due to side effects, as a 20 yr. old that is almost non-functional, I want my life back. It kills me to see my friends partying and drinking coffee and...even working. I wish so badly that I could do those things. BUT, don't get me wrong, on my good days, I am the happiest, most optimistic person in the World; I have hope that I will someday recover from this! I'm curious- what supplements are you taking? Do they help? Are you by any chance taking adrenal glandulars from a bovine or porcine source? I've considered that option by am actually a little afraid to go for it. By the way, I also think I have thyroid problems related to my illness since I have an extremely low body temperature, a million and one other symptoms, and a very high incidence of thyroid problems in my family. Anyway, thanks for your response
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