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Re: kinda gross...

Originally Posted by jmd324
I dont' know if I'm pregnant or not!! I just recently went off the pill & I'm 2 1/2 weeks late. No tests have come back positive (took the last one a week ago) and I dont' have any symptoms, except being really tired and wierd stuff like my face is all of the sudden extremely oily & (the gross part) I have had a lot of discharge. All clear, but a lot, more than I've ever experienced. I was just wondering if these may be like wierd pregnancy side effects & I should keep taking ept's or if this is just normal from coming off the pill. Please help! I'm pulling my hair out!!
jmd, The symptoms you have described wouldnt neccesarily be related to pregnancy but could be hormone related seeing how you just recently came off the pill. Of course with you having unprotected sex there is always a possibility of pregnancy. Your period could be delayed do to your body trying to adjust and regulate due to coming off the pill.

Should your period not show up in the next couple weeks i would definately retest again as well as make a doctors appt to find out why your period isnt coming and to maybe get your periods regulated again.

Good luck to you,