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Re: Is this PPD or what?

It is normal to be concerned about your child's well-being, but if it's overwhelming, it could be PPD. My doctor said that if anything is hindering you from getting through your day, it could be PPD, which is hormone-related. It doesn't even have to have anything to do with the baby. I was diagnosed with PPD when DD was about 3 months old. I was shocked that's what it was because it had nothing to do with the baby. It was just heightened anxiety, worrying about things that were possible but not very likely, weepy a lot, picking fights with DH over stupid stuff that I normally wouldn't even think about but was overly upset about, and just plain didn't feel like myself.

Talk to your doctor about what you're feeling and see what they say. PPD isn't always thinking about hurting the baby, negative feelings towards the baby, not wanting to interact with the baby, or thinking about hurting yourself, which is the type that is talked about the most. It can rear it's ugly head in a number of forms, including heightened anxiety over things that are somewhat far-reaching, possible but not probable.