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Re: Need Multi-Purpose Solution for Sensitive Eyes

I have in a trial pair of those same lenses (Acuvue Advanced Toric) and I don't like them as much as I did my old ones (Acuvue Toric). The optometrist told me that the Advanced ones have a higher water content so it's supposed to be better for your eyes. But, since I've tried these I find they tend to dry out much faster.

Also, I wear mine overnight for 4-6 days at a time (which I used to do with the Acuvue 2's before I switched to Torics) and NOW (after 2 years) the doctor tells me that I shouldn't sleep in them at all!!! Uh, so why did your partner prescribe them for me then and why is the first time I'm hearing this... sheesh!

I use the Opti-Free solution in the green bottle. It seems to work OK for me. I don't like the Renu solution (though I haven't tried it in several years).

Go back to your doc -- ask if they have any more samples of different brands. I know that my doc always has sample kits of different brands available for me to try (it's also nice to have the sample size bottle when travelling).

Good luck with finding a new brand of solution. I'm switching back to my Acuvue Torics (not Advanced).