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Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian

Hello Bhuneke,wow your daughter must be in a lot of pain.For me I had fevers of maybe 99.1-99.5(very very low grade but every day for the whole summer)
Plus I would also be very cold and a lot of times my temp would also be like 93-95(which is not normal for me)Now noo more fevers but I'm so run down and always trying to sleeep(take naps)when ever I can.It's so hard when you have young children to watch during the day.When my daughter is in nursery school(for 2 hrs every-day)I would just nap and relax.My son is in grade 1 so my daughter and I would just sit at home playing or watching tv.I know she's so bored.But once the doctor finds out what's going on with me,then I will get help and hopefully feeel better.
I have a new doctor(my parents doctor)This man is so awesome.I think he knows some-thing is not right with me.Of course I know he can not telll you.He wont know until he does tests.So on Friday I went for blood tests(he wanted me to do every test you can think of)
So I went to the lab and he wants them to loook for I swear 40 different things.Of course a lot is to do with my Kidneys tooo.He also wants me to get ultrasound done on my chest(left side especially)and my upper abdomen and he wants another ultrasound done on my uterous and the transvagina(is that how you say it)so now action willl finally happen.I'm so happy.
The blood test I did,he wrote down that he wants them to check my blood work for my ovaries too(I never knew you could do that)but appparently it will tell you if you have been ovulating and if my hormones are ok.He wants to check my thyroids too and he is going to check for mono(a longer name then that).But he wants to check every-thing.It will also check my Red cells and white cells.So finallly finally some-one will belive me.I just want to be better and healther by the time xmas comes.
Ok every-one take care.I hope you alll find a doctor who cares and wants to know and see what's wrong with you.