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Re: Need Multi-Purpose Solution for Sensitive Eyes

Thanks for your reply. I'm still in the process of trying different lenses. I tried the Frequency 55 and did not like them at all. I didn't like the fact that every time I blinked or squenched my eyes for some reason that it would get blurry and then I would have to wait a minute or so before I could see clearly. Plus my depth perception was off. I was really nervous while driving because of it. I'm wondering if the Accuvue Toric's would be the same way. The doc gave me a different prescription of Accuvue Advanced last week and they felt real good in my right eye, but my left eye I had problems with. Plus I've already torn the right one, they seem to be alot more flimsy than my regular single vision Accuvue's.

I'll keep in mind the Opti-Free solution.