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Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian

Thanks and you know what,I too did not have any pain until I lost 20 pounds.
But I had low grade fevers every night and I would be run down.But then end of Aug(after 2 months of low fevers)I had back pain,and peeeing a lot(more then what I drink)so I went to my doctor thinking maybe I had kidney infection(I only had maybe 2 kidney infections in my life,that I can remeember)so he did the tests and then told me to call him in 2-3 days.They found nothing.This is how it has been since Aug.I am always in pain but they find nothing.So now I have a new doctor and he wanted me to do a lot of tests.(blood tests)he told me for sure they should find some-thing now.I have so much pain on left side especially and I am stilll so tired and scared.
I hope your daughter gets bettter.I know exactly what she is going through.I do not wish this kind of pain on any-one.Take care and thanks for every-thing.Love Pamela