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Re: Really Scared of going to the doctors tomorrow.. DiabeticPHOBIA

Solid Snake,
First of all, please don't beat yourself up so. Whatever is going on is not necessarily your fault, or anyone else's. Things happen, for no reason whatsoever. So, first see your doctor and find out what's going on. You first need to find out why you are having chest pains and coughing up blood. This doesn't sound diabetes related. It could be from a recent cold, or bronchitis, tuberculosis, any number of things...let your doctor figure it out.
It's understandable to have a little health anxiety after having your mom go thru breast cancer. So its easy to think the worst. The best thing to do is see your doctor and find out about the cough & chest pain, and find out what to do about that. Have your blood sugar checked again, and if it is high, then deal with it then.
Try not to jump to the worst conclusions first. Find out what is going on and deal with it one step at a time.
Hope you feel better soon, and good luck at the doctors. Be honest with him, too.
They aren't there to judge you in anyway, they are there to help.