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Re: Really Scared of going to the doctors tomorrow.. DiabeticPHOBIA

One thing I wanted to mention is type II diabetes which comes from being overweight and having a bad diet and getting older is mainly controlled with a healthy diet and getting your weight down. My mom has it and she has never had to have shots or anything like that. She just cannot eat certain foods anymore and has to keep her weight down and exercise. So if you got that type eventually it's not a sentence of having to have shots. So try not to worry about that. It would be good to try to have a healthy diet and go back to exercising now though. Just to ensure in the future that you do not develope that type of diabetes. Don't worry about being tested for it though. Like the other poster said the symptoms you are describing have nothing to do with diabetes. My mom had none of those symptoms you are describing. I have had those symptoms though from having a really bad cold before and I do not have diabetes.