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Re: Is this PPD?

It was the same for me too.. youre definitely NOT alone. I think for me it was just the exhaustion in those first few weeks along with the hormones.. but it DOES go away. Real postpartum depression is more profound and serious. If gets worse or you feel you need it, just discuss it with your doc. Antidepressants and sometimes even BC pills to even out hormones are used and help for some.

Im 38 weeks pregnant with the 4th ( 2 live births, one preemie that passed, and a new one due any minute) and this time I intend on taking it easy and not getting so overwhelmed and exhausted.

Him working 3rd is rough I can imagine.. next time he asks if there is anything he can do say "YES.. when youre off work ( like a weekend or etc) give me a day to myself" sleep, go get your nails done, whatever you enjoy or feel your body and mind needs to take a little break, trust me.. this helps.