Thread: Is this PPD?
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Re: Is this PPD?

We get so irrational because our hormones are all outta wack and our lives have been disrupted (from what we were use to). It's hard work having babies, in all sense of the word "work". It's also such a pleasure and joy to have these little miracles in our lives. Sometimes the anxiety, worry and depression clouds that fact. My PPD after my first was so severe that I would tell my husband pretty much every day to not be surprised if when he came home the next morning, I wasn't there. I meant it too, at the time. I didn't want to be around anymore and had really nasty suicidal thoughts all the time. I went on anti-depressants and within 2 weeks I was loving life and my little man. He was 9lbs 6ozs by the way. Only one oz difference!
Our minds are such a fragile thing that so easily can be tampered with. Stay strong and realize that this is only temporary and that things will get much, much better! I think I have to take some of my own advice don't you think! LOL.