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Re: How long does it take to feel normal?

Yah ask me anything, I am or was prescribed 60 20 mg oxys a month and 240 10/325 percs a month. What I would do was blow through the oxys and then I would use the percs to keep me from withdrawls from the oxy. It was awful, I would do two or three of them, throw up here at work and then do another one I hated being sick but thats how much they had a hold on me. I would littereally throw up in my garbage pale here at work, that is where I started closing my door. And right after I would do another one or two. I would go through the 60 in less than a week. So I am basically off of them I cannot get them from my PM doc any more I made them put it in my record not to give them to me. Gosh I don't know how many times I have called and told them hey I am going out of town I need an early re-fill. I am sure if I had not told them about what I was doing they would have moved my dose up to 40's and then 80's that was my goal. I was reserching where and how to get needles I wanted to inject them, sick huh. I see someone injecting herion on that show intervention and I don't say ughhh thats gross, I think man what a buzz that must be. I hope you get some help Jas, but really you cannot expect your doc to help you unless you tell him what your doing he cannot even come up with a decent taper plan unless he knows what your taking. What are you going to lose if you come clean with him, your supply thats what you need to lose. I hope I am helping you, I mean I am not anyone that should give any advice I am so going through the same thing as you, I have ligit back problems also