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Re: How do I know how far along my adrenal insufficiency is?

SK, You didn't mention how often you have the problems mentioned before. There are side effects from taking too little cortef also. Taking a replacement dose of cortef should not cause a problem. I would guess after this long you do not have any adrenal function left. A minimum dose would be more like 15mg.
I am discussing this with you because being ill often is really not part of addisons unless there are other complications or illness like infection or whatever. I have not been sick since being diagnosed & consider myself VERY lucky. I'm sure I will have my turn at it! I get by on 20mg HC & 1/2 tab of Florinef. What I miss most is stamina & strength.

Some people have to increase their steriod dose after an increase in thyroid med.

I am wishing you well & just don't want to see you ill when you shouldn't be!