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Re: How do I know how far along my adrenal insufficiency is?

I had hypoglycemia for years, but haven't had many sugar problem lately. Walking helps to keep the sugar in line for me. I hate exercise, but don't mind walking on my treadmill when I have the time.

20 mg of cortef would blow me up like the prednisone used to. The doctor started me out on 5mg then went to a pill and a half (7.50 mg). I did ok with it, so she left me there. She told me to take another dose in stress situations. When ever I have had surgery or teeth pulled, I get the cortisone by IV. Don't know the doseage, but it works. My thyroid medicine goes up or down depending on the T3 & T4's. I see the doctor every 3-6 months. I have actually had more problems with the thyroid then the adrenals until it turned into cancer.

I've avoided stress pretty well until this year - my husband was out of work for 7 months (no stress there). Then my parents decided to move from the home they have lived in for 60 years, to be near my brother. This was a surprise. My system didn't handle each problem well. I went to the doctor, but it didn't seem to be a problem in her eyes.

I quit working 3 years ago and now stay at home with 2 of my grandchildren. The lack of rush hour traffic has really been a blessing. If I get tired, I can sit. Not everyone has this luxury. I work part time doing bookeeping and design work from my home computer. I am also an artist.

Later, SK

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