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Re: How long does it take to feel normal?

I eveyone I am new to this site I am a 26 year old male. I have been taking oxycontin and percocet's for around 2 years. I have nothing wrong with me just started taking pills for fun. Yeah I know it was very dumb. I crush the oxy's up and swallow them. I don't snort them I have never even tried coke, crack, herion. This current drug though has got me my the....well you know what. Me and my girlfriend had 38,000 dollars in the bank about 2 years ago but with our habbit, yes she takes them as well. We are down to around 19,000 dollars. I have really gotten bad the last 4 months or so, taking between 160-240mgs of oxy or perc per day with my girlfriend very close behind. We make a combined around 1100 dollars a week but our habbit is between 800 to 1200 a week...see the money problem?

I have a question. I went like 2 days about a month ago without taking anything (I couldn't find any). Well the night of the second day, it had been around 48 hours since my last pill. I got 2 80mgs from a friend. me and my gf split one right away. Before I took the pill I was in so much pain I was breaking down almost in tears. It was like a 11 out of 10 on a pain scale. I could hardly handle it. Well after we spilt the 80 we felt great!! We hung out a while and went to bed. I woke up feeling pretty decent. Better than I normally do when I took a bunch more pills near bed time. Well we normally would take a pill right when we woke up but since we only had one left we waited (didn't want to be out). Well this day it was like the pain scale was down from 11 to like 3or4 out of 10. The main problem was then mental. Knowing that other pill was there was eating at us both but we didn't take it. I woke up around 10am that day and around 5pm a friend called and had some OC 20mg for me so I went and got them partly out of fear since I had felt so bad before. We ended up waiting till around 9 or 10pm and caved and took a few 20's and were right back on the horse.

Anyone who has gone thru this was it possible that if I hadn't took the extra pills the next day that the worst pain might have already been behind me? I mean it was like the 80 I spilt the night before helped stop my body from going thru the shock it was going thru. I am wondering could I have been alot closer to being over the physical part than I thought at that time.

Cause when I'm on them normally and taking them alot when the pill runs out I start hurting rather fast. Like say I took 4 perc 10's at 4pm and went to bed a 1am I would already normally be in some moderate pain before bed that quik making it kinda hard to sleep. I just thought it was odd I felt as good as I did the day after I split that 80. Of course I let the mental part get to me.

Does any one else who has been thru similer things think I could have been thru the worst part of the pain? Or was it going to come back the next day? Like could it have stayed at a 3or 4 out of 10 for a whole day even though it was the night before that I took the pill and then the day after I had the 3or4 out of 10 day I would have went back to a 10 out of 10 day?

any response would be great!!!