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Re: Ok every-one I now am so sure it's ovarian

Helllo CandyMint I wish you luck.I know the pain you go through.I do not wish this on any-one.I tooo was so sore when I had vaginal ultrasound.But seee I'm so upset.Ok this is realllly weird.I know this new doctor who read my report screwed up.She has put me through so much pain.Pain where my family are tellling me to stop complaining and they do not beleive me that I feeel like my organs are being rippped apart.Ok I read the report a couple of days ago.My new doctor wants alll the ultrasounds and bloood tests they did on me.So they photocopied it and handed it to me.You would not beleive what I read on the ultrasound report.
Ok the person looking at ultrasound wrote,: Unbeleiveable uterus.NOTEI can not remeember the name of cysts in uterus)but he said my uterus is made of these cysts.I guess it's covered allll over uterus.Plus he said unbeleivable edemotriosis.He said there is 6mm of thicknessss.Then he said that the ovaries are unbeleivable.So then at the end he wrote.
It's an unbeliveable report.
So I guess these doctors thought it meant that my uterus is great and amazing.Meanwhile I'm in so much pain.Only you guys understand the pain we feeel.No doctor understands it.Even my husband does not.Seee I guess the doctors think I can not have any-thing bad.Ovarian does not run in our family.But I know I screwed up my ovaries.Growing up I used to always use powder down there(with talc)I always would end up with bladdder and yeast infections.Alll the time.Plus going on the pilll.I go on,then go offf.I keeep screwing my system up.Ok every-one take care.I wish you alll luck.I go for my next ultrasound on Dec 1
You know what you should alll do,this is what I'm going to do.When I go for ultrasound for Pelvis and vaginal ultrasound.I guess you guys who are going through what I am,you alll know your body should have extra fluid inside you.These darn doctors can not telll,but I can.So you are supposed to drink water for Pelvic.Welll I wont.Only becuase the fluid I can telll for me is way up to my bellly button.So I do not need extra fluid.Then she willl telll me to let the water out(that she thinks I drank)she willl say let it out for the vaginal ultrasound.Then I willll telll her that I did not drink water.Then maybe just maybe they willllllllllllllllll understand and do some-thing about this.Plus my new doctor wants ultrasound done on my upper organs.Finally just finallly I willl get some-thing done.But that's not for another 2 weeks and now I can not reallly lay down.If I lay down I have a hard time breathing and my heart is like beating so fast.So I hope I can last until then.But every-one if you are going for ultrasound and you know you have extra fluid inside you,just then don't drink extra water.Let them finallly understand what we are going through,how it's right in there faces but they just do not understand.Ok every-one take care.I wish you allll luck.Love always Pamela