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Re: Need an opinion on a probable exposure

Well, I will probably offend some people here but let me give you some thoughts to work with:

"Clean" is a pretty disturbing term to use because of the implication of its opposite. There are tons of people who are HIV+ who, I would hope, would take offense to being considered "dirty" or "unclean". And, for the most, while people who are HIV+ have come a long way towards acceptance, the vast majority of the Christian community, and the current administration would suggest otherwise.

But that's as far as the lecture goes. Here are some thoughts about HIV: it doesn't matter if he had sex with 1, 5, 70, or 170. Unprotected sex with the wrong person, whether it's your first person or your 70th, could lead to an exposure. Second, a lot of people here, especially women, will tell you that their partner told them that they'd been tested and had received a negative result. Now, those women are infected by the same partner who said they were "clean", as you put it. Finally, "yes" it is possible to contract the illness if you had an open wound that comes in contact with body fluids (blood) from someone who is HIV+. Bottom line? GEt tested. Check with your local clinic, physician, etc. about the time frames for getting tested. Good luck. chris