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Re: Should your muscles always be sore the next day after weightlifting???

Originally Posted by theillone
Okay, I was wondering!!!! why is it that when I weight lift for a day, the next day my muscles aren't sore??? I was wondering is this a good thing or a bad thing??? if your muscles aren't sore does that mean you wont grow anymore muscles???? the first day of weightlifting I woke up and my muscles were sore for like two days. Then everytime after that my muscles are not sore at all after weightlifting maybe just a little, but nothing you will notice!!!!! I know I am getting stronger because I have been increasing the weight I have been lifting after every few weight lifting sessions. I usually weight lift every other day or every two days in a week. I also eat healthy, I get my healthy carbs, protein and vegetables and fruits also. But I just wanted to know just because my muscles aren't getting sore after my weightlifting workouts, what does this mean??? does it mean my muscles won't get bigger, because I've heard that when you lift you tear the muscle so it'll grow back bigger and stronger, so if my muscles aren't sore does that mean I didn't tear the muscle for it to grow back bigger and stronger or what???? I would appreciate any help on this topic!!! Thanx u all very, very much!!!!!!!!

Hi theillone,

You are talking about DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), and do not have to experience that soreness the days after a workout to indicate that you had a "good" workout. In fact, I think it's a pretty poor way to judge your workout.

Check out the thread on this board titled "Exercising in Pain!" for more insight.