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Re: Need an opinion on a probable exposure

If you punched some one in the mouth , you're fist broke skin in his mouth and then was punctured from his tooth ........ Yes that would be classified as an exposure .
Fighting in general or any form of blood to blood contact through a fight blood in the eyes and punctures would be very good grounds for an exposure .
Blood has to enter directly into the blood stream either through a needle ( iv drug use ) or the eyes would also make a good entry point .
Cuts in general do bleed out but a puncture takes longer to flow out and would give the virus time to enter the blood stream or in the case of a needle the puncture would seal itself instantly .
Being cut on something like sheet metal where the blood would be rite out in the open and exposed to the elements would kill off the virus very quickly versus a needle where the virus is protected and surounded by blood with no air to circulate and expose it to the elements .
But an outside source like a knife , sheet metal or even broken glass that some one may have been cut on NO ..... I highly doubt it ...... Even if it did have some life left in it the virus wouldn't be strong enough to even be infectous .
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