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Respitory Virus gave me Anxiety! (long)

I need some answers and dont know where to go for them.

How it all started::
About one month ago I got sick. At the time I didn't know I was coming down with a virus and just started freaking out. The next day I went to the doctors and was told I had a Upper Respitory Infection and was given some Decongestion pills (No antibiotics). Since then every day I have been worried. Worried about freaking out again. I have to keep telling myself "You dont have Anxiety, your just sick." "Your ok, this is nothing and will pass." "Breath and relax." etc. I think you get the point.

So this morning I went back to the Doctors to get some Meds for my Sinuses. On my way to the Doctors office I hit a congested 4-way and was trapped at a Red light. As I sat their and waited I started to freak out again for no reason. I felt like I was trapped and I kept thinking about just flooring the gas pedal through the red light to get out of here. I just bit my tounge down and sweated it out. Finally got to the Doctors and she checked me out and said I have Sinusitus and was given a antibiotic to help fight the infection. I told teh Doctor about my nerviousness and she just kind of brushed it off making it sound like it wasn't a big deal. All she said was "Lets try the antibiotics for 2 weeks and then see how you feel." and that was it.

Now I'm so freaked out I'm affraid to take the antibiotics to get better. I'm affraid the Antibiotics will make me dizzy, anxious etc and make me freak out. I feel scared and nervious 24/7 since the day I got this dang virus. I never felt like this before. Sure, I had some anxiety from time to time like if I was flying on a plain or felt trapped, but it was nothing I couldn't deal with before and it wasn't a constant thing like it is now.

Do I feel nervious and scared becouse i'm still sick? Maybe when I kill this virus with Antibiotics (gulp..) I will be the way I used to be and not scared all the time. How did I get Anxiety, it just poped out of no where. Can a virus really cause someone to have Anxiety for the rest of their life? I have so many question.... but dont know where to get answer.

Any help you guys can give me about my situation will be greatly appreciated!

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