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Re: Respitory Virus gave me Anxiety! (long)

Probably the cold is gone but why does the anxiety linger? I think in my case this phyical illness brought about my old panic symptoms. The very feeling i had of needing bed rest brought back some memories of anxiety. The mind does play tricks with us. I started to feel while I was walking a feeling of weakness and fatigue which remindered me of that feeling of falling or faintness. These symptoms scared me and I became oversensitized . I proably started to think i have a real major disease and the spiral of fatigue fear fatigue began. I've read a little about how cold or flu symtoms can bring back symptoms of panic. I dont know your history of anxiety but if you have had problems in the past this will make it worse. As for how long. This to shall pass. Give yourself time to heal. It DOES go away with acceptance that it is only anxiety and giving the mind some time rest.