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Re: Respitory Virus gave me Anxiety! (long)

Thanks eveyone.

I'm already feeling much better as far as my worry goes. I'll just keep taking my antibiotics and hopefully my 24/7 worry will leave as well. I know what u mean by Sudafed. I took Sudafed PE once and it was horrable. I immediatly stopped taking that. Although it did clear my sinuses, but the other effects just wasn't worth it.

So far I have a humidifier running and I use SinuCleanse 2 times a day (morning and night). As far as my sinus goes... I can deal with it for a couple more weeks while my antibiotics kick in. It was just the constant 24/7 worry that was getting to me.

Anyways its good to hear some replys about whats going on with me, I really appreciate it!