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Question When would it be time accept you have high BP and need medication?

Hi all, to those who know me from posting about 18 months back and to the newer posters

I'm back here because well, my BP is high again and I'm in a state of worry about it. I am literally fearful of going on BP meds - that scares me something chronic - and I was wondering how far can one go before you'd generally have to accept that without meds you cannot get your BP under control?

When I was last posting here I came because my BP was high, but life was very different then and apart from anxiety I didn't have many true stresses. Now on the other hand there are a lot of external factors that I'm sure have contributed to my BP being so high, plus a dire lifestyle due to work has not helped one bit.

2weeks ago I was getting readings like 15x-16x/11x-12x - far, far too high I know and since then I have put myself on a strict diet and have started exercising every day as well and am getting numbers ranging from 13x-14x/9x-10x with occassional jumps to what I had initially. I know these numbers are not good, but I am currently 100lbs overweight and was leading a totally sedentry lifestyle before I decided to make the changes I have. I've been told that weight loss is the first major move you have to make to lower your BP along with changing your diet, cutting our salt and taking up exercise I was also hoping someone could inform me of the number of systolic and diastolic pts you drop for every 10kgs you lose (I think it was, I can't remember)

Basically I'm in need of some education and a little bit of a guide as to when I can/should concede and go on meds. I am aware that right now my numbers are dangerous and that meds should probably be my first port of call, but for me they are the absolute last straw - my BP has scared me enough to stop me from lapsing (this time - I lost a lot of weight before and over the past 18months it has returned) The last time I was here I took a similar course of action and got my BP to 120/80 and after about 2months I stopped checking it and hadn't followed it much at all until a few weeks ago (imagine my shock seeing the awful numbers) I feel like a different person mentally - I hit a rock bottom and now wish and hope to have a chance to correct my may be too late, I don't know, but I'm here to try and ascertain that and mostly for the advice of others, has anyone else had a journey similar to mine and come through it without needing meds? I would love to hear and be inspired by you.

I'm 28 years old btw. Apologies for the lengthy and probably jumbled post. I've got a lot of thoughts swirling round in my head and it's like a race to get them all out before they disappear!!

I hope you guys can help me out.


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