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Re: How long does it take to feel normal?


You are alot stronger than you think. I never though I could do it, but once it was done it was done there was not turning back. The hardest thing was being honest with myself first, I knew that the only way to get this done was to tell my PM doctor what I was doing. Tina did it, and everyone on these boards were behind me when I went to the doctor. I had to cut off my source. I told them to write in my chart to NEVER give me Oxy again. I have no control over the drug. I have slowly been tapering off the percs and am down to about 20-25mg a day. Thats down from 200 or so. Cutting off my source was the second step, the first step was coming on these boards and bareing my soul to strangers, they took me and wrapped their hearts around mine. They held me up as I slipped after the divorce papers and my wife leaving. They are still there. No one here will judge you here, everyone here knows alot about what your going through. The thing that scared me off the oxy was reading that, and I hate to quote a unverfied source but the percent was high that go from oxy to heroin, and I did not want that. Stay with us Jas, using or not, post,talk, to us. Ya never know when someone is going to say that one thing that strikes home to you, that clicks and makes you make the choices you have got to make. Please stay with us.