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Re: When would it be time accept you have high BP and need medication?

Thanks for the replies guys, I guess I should have mentioned this in my first post, but I've already tried Atenolol, which to be frank, scared me off trying meds again unless it were to be my final measure.

What I was getting at with my first post was how long can I try lifestyle changes and so on before, giving up if there is not enough improvement in my results. I am aware meds would be the wisest route right now, but like I say I work in the reverse to many here I guess - I feel that once I did go on meds that'd be it for me and I'd be on them for life.

I think I should also reiterate that I got my BP down to normal levels a year ago through hard work, diet and exercise without meds and it is because I basically slipped back into my old ways that it went back up again (plus new stresses) . For me I do feel quite positive that lifestyle and weight loss make big changes, I just want to know by how much weight lost if nothing has changed should I concede? Surely if my numbers haven't reduced after a certain amount of weigt it would be more indicative that I have actually got true HBP like dare I say it, msmom03 has?

Just need some kind of guide towards this info if poss

Thanks again for replying guys, much appreciated.