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Re: Dizziness with heart racing upon standing

Originally Posted by GBonnough
How many of you suffer with this symptom? I am so fatigued and having a terrible flare with elevated ESR, RA, Epstein Barr titer antibodies still elevated and whenever this happens, I feel so orthostatic (low bp) and my heart just beats so fast when I stand up and everything. I'm just so exhausted I can hardly function.


This is not an uncommon symptom with CFIDS. I also know how terrible one can feel in a "flare". I'm in one myself right now. I have tried many things throughout the years, but what always works best for me is Chinese herbs. I see an OMD who takes my pulses (not the same as the western pulse, but gives him a reading on each organ system) and then prescribes just for my system. This may not be for you, but just thought I'd pass it along. Chinese medicine is about balancing the body and that makes sense to me.

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