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Re: foods and beverages

Originally Posted by troublex2
i am still not understanding what i should eat.i do not understand the labels and all that.
can someone give me a few dinner and snack ideas?i am a very picky eater.
what beverages should i stay a way from and which ones are good for me?
alao,i am on crestor,take vitamins-odorless garlic and one a day multi vitamins,is it okay to take vitamin c while taking all that?
Have U talked with your dr. about a good cholesterol diet? Usually they will have their nurse, or someone on the staff give U some good ideas. If U are still in the dark, do a web search for foods, good and bad for cholesterol, U will get plenty of ideas. Make sure U also do a web search for low glycemic foods, and they also have sites on how to read food labels.

I see no problem with U taking vitamins & suppliments while on Crestor, but U can always call your pharmacist and ask to be on the safe side. Noone can give anyone a specific diet to go by, as we all like different things, just stay away from fast food joints, too much soda pop, anything with alot of sugar in it, and anything that says partially hydrogenated on a pk.

Stick with as much veggies and fruits as possible, and for snacks, a handfull of mixed nuts is good, popcorn ( just don't overdo), yogurt, or even a nice small dish of cut up fresh veggies.

Good luck, hope this helped. U will get use to labels as time goes on..