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Re: Anyone Want To Play Connect The Dots With My Problems?

You mentioned being tested for autism, but did you know that autism is a spectrum disorder with many sub-categories and different degrees of severity? Some forms of autism are considered high-functioning, such as Asperger Syndrome. With autism and AS the major feature is difficulty with social skills. People with most types of autism have trouble reading body language, facial expressions, and other peoples emotional states.

But along with the social issues, there are usually other symptoms as well, such as sensory issues. Many people on the autism spectrum don't like to be touched, don't like loud noises, or many sensory inputs at the same time. Another symptom of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is unusual body motions like rocking or flapping the arms or making noises with the mouth. People with ASDs may have symptoms that look like ADD, OCD, or other disorders.

If your symptoms are mild and you can manage without help, that's fine. But if these traits or symptoms are causing you anxiety or other difficulties, maybe you want to get tested again. Some of the higher functioning forms of autism weren't very well known even a few years ago. There's a lot more information now. Hope this helps.

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