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Exclamation What could this be-excess skin?cyst?during sex??

I will tell the beginning and the description of my problem at the bottom - please read. I would love to hear your opinions.

Since the end of September I have been swollen at the vaginal opening & having pain during sex. Sometimes it feels like my boyfriend can't push in because I am so swollen. I sometimes bleed during sex too I went to my doctor and she said it was just an infection. She then put me on a cream. I also got tested for STD's.. that came out NEGATIVE Well a week later I called to tell her how everything was going - and nothing changed. Still pain, bleeding, and swelling. She then told me to come to her office to put me on Metronidozole 500mg. I took all of those and there is still no change She scheduled me for a pap smear and I went Dec. 5th. She said that she doesn't see anything wrong but once again, she said infection. She put me back on that medicine. She said when my tests come back she will call me to see if anythin is wrong.

ALSO!! It looks like right at my vaginal opening there is something swollen. Like I can see it! It sticks out about 1 cm or 1.5 cm out? I didnt know if it was something swollen in me? or if it was a cyst growing? It worries me...big tiem!! And i wonder if thats why its so hard to have sex because its there in the way and where it's swollen nothing can go in! I cant even put a tampon in without it hurting! PLEASE help!!

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