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Child has no thyroid gland, refuses test,help

Child born with no thyroid gland, refuses blood test. Critical.
Please help with any suggestions for us. We are at the end of our rope. My granddaughter was born without a thyroid gland. From birth she has had to have blood drawn every 6 months to accurately measure replacement thyroid doses. From birth to present age, just turned twelve, she has fought, screamed, cried and always had to be held down. Now she is twelve and has just grown a lot. No longer can she be held down. Everything has been tried. Bribes, counseling, talking to her, and today tranquilizer. But to no avail. Her loving parents are just beside themselves. She will not have her blood drawn and is now out of medication at day 4. The clinic will not try on her again. The technician got her back hurt in the struggle today. Her Doctor will not prescribe meds without the test. The family, including her, were given a paper about how her illness will progress without her medication from dry, cold skin to heart failure.
She, the child, is one of the top students in her class. Very outgoing person, plays several instruments. She really tried to go through with it today, but at the moment of puncture, panicked and fought.
Surely she can't be the only child to have gone through this. If you have any ideas to help please post. We will not spank or beat. She has had privilages taken away and been made to stay in her room, to no avail, except for her crying and crying. This is making our whole family upset. We love her so. Please help. Thank you, Sivad

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