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Re: Sleeping so much, life is passing by

I know how you feel. Sometimes I look at where I am and how I feel with all the pain, depression, loss of mobility, But in my case I have to take meds just to be able to sleep at all---while wearing a CPAP. I have progressed very far along in the area of letting tomorrows "stuff" just happen cause they are and nothing that is going to stop them. So might as well roll with it and see what unexamined part of yourselfshines out. Sound like the way of the "Force" doesn't it, lol........

In all honesty what the harm in sleeping alot? If you are in a flare, then that overwhelming urge to sleep will pass. In the mean time I have a suggestion. Get a box of 64 crayons and a large drawing tablet, With different colors write down one thing you believe should be done. Now draw whatever you wish--just decorate that page. Then think up another job to do. Write it down and start to color. On and On until you feel better--not so stressed. At random put one on the fridge. Let it inspire all day and night long!! You could give yourself a special reward (ice cream, handful of nuts, suckers, extra long bath etc.) Even if it took all day just to get ONE thing down--so what? You won't be sent to the pricipals office!! just thank the Lord for the blessed day he gave you. Try this every day with different fridge pictures. And please remember this--your friends, relatives, they all want you to be happy even though they don't understand the life we are forced to live in with our "secret diseases".

I believe that God will not let anything come to us that we are not able to complete, so I have to believe that He is walking with me and coaching me along.
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