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Re: Child has no thyroid gland, refuses test,help

I am so sorry that you are all going through this. It sounds like she does understand to some extent that she really needs to do this. I think it's promissing that she at least tried this last time. I wish I had the magic answer but here are 3 things that came to mind that are not things you mentioned.

Can you call a bunch of doctors/hospitals and get their opinions about what you could do? Not just the one you're using. Perhaps talk to a specialist, even if it's not in your town, just to get their opinion on how to handle the matter.

Can you have her best friend talk to her? I know that might sound strange, but at 12, best friends can be more important to you than your family members. It might embarrass her if her friend doesn't already know, but she might listen to her. Maybe her friend can convince her of the critical importance of the matter. I fought the reality of a lesser medical condition at that same age, and it wasn't until my mom had my best friend talk to me that I did something about it. And my best friend came with me to the doctor. It really helped with my fears.

What about hypnosis? I don't know much about it. I don't know if they can do it on people her age. But it may be a way to teach her brain to relax enough to allow the blood to be drawn whenever she needs to. This obviously wouldn't be an immediate answer.

These are all shots in the dark, but maybe they will trigger more thoughts of how you can handle this. Again, I really feel for you. Please let us know what happens.

Another thing that's extreme, could you have a doctor knock her out? I hate to go there, but if it's really that severe, maybe that's the answer. Like in sedation dentistry they just give you a pill and you go to sleep for a little while. Again if she had a friend there to help comfort her and tell her when she woke up that all that happened is that she slept for a little while. I don't know.
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